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[muv] about N-BODY lectures

MUV NEWS  (2008/01/16)
GPU の皆様

GRAPE-5,GRAPE-6 のLSF 運用を 1/16 9:00 - 1/18 18:00 の間、停止致します。
また、GRAPE-7 にて実行中のジョブを 1/18 9:00 に停止致します。

Dear Members,

As the lectures on N-BODY simulation are held, 
the LSF of GRAPE-5 and GRAPE-6 will not be available during the following period.

   JST 1/16 9:00 - 1/18 18:00

And the running jobs on the GRAPE-7 will be killed at the following date.

   JST 1/18 9:00

Sorry for the inconvenience.
天文シミュレーションプロジェクト Center for Computational Astrophysics