Numerical Simulations in Astronomy 2002

A Satellite Meeting of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting

July 5-6, 2002, National Center of Sciences, Hitotsubashi Memorial Hall, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Supported by Astronomical Data Analysis Center and Division of Theoretical Astrophysics of National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Scientific Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee

Purpose of the meeting

Numerical Simulations in Astronomy 2002 (NSA2002) is aimed at summarizing latest numerical simulations in astrophysics. It is held as a satellite meeting of the IAU 8th Asian-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM2002). Those who attend NSA2002 are assumed to attend also APRM2002. Those who are interested in NSA2002 are recommended strongly to visit the web page of APRM2002 and register yourself as soon as possible. All the information on the conference site, travel, visa, and local area will be given there. The LOC of this satellite meeting covers only the talks given in the satellite meeting.

Style of the meeting

Numerical Simulations in Astronomy 2002 is interdisciplinary in the sense that it is not intended to focus on any specific astronomical object. It consists of about 10 invited talks and another 10 contributed talks. Each invited talk summarizes recent advance in a specific theme. It is 30 minutes long and will be followed by 10 minutes discussion. Each contributed talk features recent interesting numerical simulations and technics which bring us new findings in astronomy and astrophysics. It is 15 minutes long and will be followed by 5 minutes discussion. Those who wish to present poster papers are recommended to submit them to the main conference. We do NOT have a poster session in this satellite meeting.


Proceedings of NSA2002 will be published from the Astronomical Data Analysis Center (ADAC) of the Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). Each copy will be given to the registered participants of NSA2002.

Preparing your paper of the proceedings

Scientific Program

July 5th
Session I
14:30-14:35Welcome Address
14:35-15:15K. Wada (NAOJ) Computer Center at NAOJ: Supercomputing Facilities and Products
15:15-15:55D. Ryu (Chungnam Nat. U.) Magnetohydrodynamical Simulations of ISM
15:55-16:15R. Matsumoto (Chiba U.) Numerical Laboratory of Astrophysical Fluids and Space Plasmas
16:15-16:45coffee break
Session II
16:45-17:25R. Stein (Michigan State U.) Visualization and Confrontation with Observation of the Sun
17:25-18:05J. Makino (U. Tokyo) N-body Simulation with GRAPE
18:05-18:25J. S. Bagla (Harish-Chandra Research Inst.) Parallel TreePM code
18:25-18:45S. S. Kim (STScI) Origin of the Young Star Cluster at the Central Parsec of the Galaxy
July 6th
Session III
9:30-10:10Y. Jing (Shanghai Astron. Obs.) Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulation
10:10-10:30H. Susa (Rikkyo U.) Formation of galaxies in the presence of ultraviolet radiation field
10:30-11:10M. Shibata (U. Tokyo) Binary Neutron Star Coalescence and Gravitational Waves
11:10-11:50Y. Hu (U. Sci. Tech. of China) Magnetohydrodynamic Catastrophe in Solar Atmosphere
11:50-12:10S. Hirose (Tokyo U. of Scinece) 2.5D and 3D MHD Simulations of Arcade-type Solar Flares
Session IV
13:40-14:20S. Yamada (Osaka U.) Type II Supernova
14:20-14:40T. Matsuda (Kobe U.) Numerical simulation of gas flows in a close binary system
14:40-15:20D. Balsara (Notre Dame) Recent Progress in Adaptive Mesh Refinement
15:20-15:40T. Matsumoto (Hosei U.) Collapse and Fragmentation of Molecular Cloud Cores
15:40-16:00Closing Summary


Contact Address: Kohji Tomisaka, National Astronomical Observatory Japan, Osawa 2-21-1, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan
fax: +81-422-34-3746